Tanium AVX Aviator Sunglasses - Silver


Our take on the classic Aviator style sunglasses incorporates the latest in modern metals and lens technology to deliver an incredibly lightweight and comfortable set of eyewear. The 100% titanium frame allows our Aviators to be incredibly strong and as a result, durable, while also being extremely lightweight. The Ultra Clarity Lenses are optically accurate and are also 100% UV resistant. Aviator style sunglasses are a favorite amongst pilots and our modern iteration of them stays true to their classic design and heritage.

  • ULTRA CLARITY LENS Optically accurate, Ultra Clarity Lenses are 100% UV resistant and do not distort the field of view.
  • TITANIUM FRAME Made from 100% titanium, our aviation frames weigh less, have greater strength and will last longer than any other conventional metal frame.
  • AMMO CAN Modeled after the standard issue Ammo Can, the Tanium AVX comes in a rugged case designed to keep the glasses protected and looking good both in an out of the box.
  • Non-Polarized Lens.




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