Our love for flying drives us to deliver only the finest in aviation products to market. Quality materials and new technologies are the focal point of every product we design because today's pilots deserve much more than what is currently offered in the way of products they wear in the cockpit. LIFT Aviation is bridging the gap and making products that are stronger and lighter you can trust.

OUR MISSION: Your safety is our #1 concern.

Protection is only as good as the company behind it. When you choose a safety product you should be able to trust the company who made it. LIFT Aviation is the result of over 30 years of product development by folks that are the world leaders in extreme sports and occupational safety protective products. We use that knowledge and mix it with proven technologies that have been tested in the field. We are not looking to build just good products, we're looking to build only the most reliable and comfortable items so you can fly in safety with peace of mind.

A lack of innovation in the market led to the creation of LIFT Aviation. Our goal is to bring aviation safety to the 21st century. With new proven technologies and a real passion for flying, we continue to bring only the best in aviation gear for pilots of all levels. Before any product we develop goes out in the market, it is fully field tested. Our in-house and external flight testing team is made up of dozens of military and GA pilots. Aviators who truly expect the most out of their gear. By the time it reaches you as a customer, you can rest assured it is a product that has been put not through one, but several wringers, and through positive and negative G's!

Race Inspired and backed by years of experience.

In 1985 a small orthopedic knee brace company got its start in France. From those humble beginnings, we developed EVS Sports, a leader in extreme sports protective gear. EVS design, build, and distribute the ultimate in functional protective gear that extreme athletes are using daily to keep them safe from injuries. Our products are constantly being improved to meet the ever increasing risks these athletes are taking.
In 2006 we introduced LIFT Safety, a collection of highly advanced work safety products. We quickly became the source for highly technical products for a variety of industries.

Construction, Oil and Gas exploration, Military and Law Enforcement continue to rely on LIFT products all around the country.

30 years of experience and the passion of one of the owners led us to create LIFT Aviation. With the discovery of a highly effective protective technology applied at EVS Sports, we embark on the journey to bring innovative products to the forefront of the aviation market.