AV-1 KOR With Visor - Matte White

Koroyd Liner

Fidlock Release

Snap Lock Strap

Air Flow-Vents

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Our aviation helmet is made out of a fiberglass composite, utilizing Koroyd® and an anti-microbial comfort liner making it the lightest aviation helmet on the market. Features Fire Retardant trim and a FIDLOCK™ buckle system. Works with any aftermarket in helmet communications devices.

  • Airflow Comfort Liner -Is a breathable material that promotes air flow circulation and cooling. Made from FireBlock, a fire resistant composite, and Ariaprene, this moisture wicking liner draws sweat away from the wearers head.
  • Pure Optics Goggle -The Anti-fog UV lens provides premium optics, reduces glare and supports a wider field of vision. TPR molded Visor Retainers mounted on the shell keep the visor from sliding off the helmet.
  • Flow-Vents - Promotes ventilation and enhanced cooling with strategically engineered exhaust ports designed to pull cool air in and push hot air out.
  • Fidlock® -Quick Release allows the fasteners to be conveniently opened and closed single handedly.
  • PolyFusion Shell -Is the first line of impact defense and is designed to withstand the impact forces you’ll encounter inside the cockpit. In addition, this shell is engineered to maintain structural integrity in extreme temperatures.
  • Headset integration -The AV-1 KOR’s shell is designed to fit a wide variety of communication units to suit the wearers aviation needs.
  • Snap Lock TPR -This rear mounted TPR strap secures the shield and utilizes a button snap closure system.

Headset Customization

With our AV-1 KOR we can install the following communications units, you can choose your option below. (Click the image for features)

Goggle Color Options

Your helmet will come with standard Dark Smoke goggle, you can purchase additional colors below.

Dark Smoke

Light Smoke Smoke

Silver Chrome

Gold Chrome

Red Chrome

Blue Chrome

Start Customizing your Helmet Below

To start your customization process, just select the size you want then select the rest of your options.

External Helmet Dimensions

Helmet Size Height in CM/IN Width in CM/IN


23.20 / 9.13"

20.82 / 8.19"


23.84 / 9.38"

21.5 / 8.46"


24.39 / 9.60"

22.19 / 8.73"

Internal Size Chart

Size Circumference in IN Circumference in CM


Under 23"

Under 58.5 CM



58.5-60.5 CM


Over 23.8"

Over 60.5 CM

Helmet Weights

Weight in Grams

Without Comms: 750g

With Comms: 1350g avg.

Helmet Options
Helmet Size
Please choose your preferred communication option, or choose no comm if you want to install your personal comm unit yourself.
Please choose your plug choice.
Left Side or Right Side mount on the helmet, please note that the Bose A20 and Lightspeed comm units have built in volume control and cannot be customized. (mounted on the rear quarter of the helmet, Left Side is most common)
Mounted on the rear quarter of the helmet, Right Side is most common, but depends on where your plugs are located on the deck. Please pick one A), B) and C) option.
Please choose 3 options
Please choose what side you want the Microphone placed.
This option is only for Active Headset Comms unit to power your headphones directly off of deck power.
Your helmet comes with one Dark Smoke Goggle, if you want additional goggle's please select your choice(s) below.
Please choose up to 7 options

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